MIS Approaches To Repair Ureteral Injuries

MIS Approaches to Repairing Ureteral Injuries will focus on different approaches to repair ureteral injuries from ureteroureterostomies to more complex appendix or bowel interposition. Three surgeons have been invited to present their experiences through challenging patient cases.

This webinar will explore current treatment strategies for repairing ureteral injuries and describe advantages and disadvantages through a series of patient case presentations. There will be ample time for participation and participants are encouraged to share their cases and experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • To explore specific challenges in repairing ureteral injuries in children
  • To present criteria for determining the most likely effective interventions in ureteral injury repair
  • To discuss pros and cons of various approaches to treatment and explanations of best practices.

Participant wills gain knowledge that may enable them to improve the outcomes of ureteral injury repair in their own practice.

Carlos A. Villanueva, M.D., C.M.
Pediatric Urologist
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, AZ

Patricio Gargollo, M.D.
Associate Professor
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN USA

Guest Presenters

J. Patrick Selph, M.D.
Department of Urology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Lee Zhao, M.D.
Minimally Invasive Surgery, New York University Langone Medical Center
New York, NY

















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