Patient Education Day: Intestinal Failure at Different Stages of Life

Stephanie Oliveira, M.D.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
Organizer and Moderator

Learning Objective

Intestinal Failure at Different Stages of Life was an international webinar designed specifically for patients, family, and medical professionals that addressed the challenges of treating and managing patients with intestinal failure at all stages of life from neonatal to adult. Attendees gained knowledge that may enable them to understand the challenges of managing and living with intestinal failure at all stages of life.

Presentations generally address:

1. Descriptions of challenges and successes in treating patients effectively.
2. Descriptions of advances in improving quality of life for patients.
3. Descriptions of living with intestinal failure from real-life experiences.

Intestinal Failure at Different Stages of Life: Full Video

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Intestinal Failure at Children's Hospital of Cincinnati (Video Introduction)

Opening Remarks

Paul Wales, MD

Grow, Baby, Grow: The Medical Journey of Pediatric Intestinal Failure

Monique Goldschmidt, MD

SECTION 1: Neonatal/Toddler/School-age Children

What to Pack? How To Maximize Nutrition at School

Emily Romantic RD, LD and Abby Giangiordano MS, RD, CSP, LD

Q&A for Section 1

Stephanie Oliveira, MD

SECTION 2: Teenagers/Adults

Two Best Friends: Rocking Out with Our Bags Out!

Joe Teeters and Danielle Gulden
Invited Speakers

Perspectives on the Path Forward for Short Gut Patients

Luccas Borges
Invited Speaker

Q&A for Section 2

Stephanie Oliveira, MD

Closing Comments

Conrad Cole, MD


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