Sherif Emil, M.D., C.M., inaugurated an innovative educational activity on Twitter, #CBCLIPS. It stands for "Case-based Clinical Learning in Pediatric Surgery." #CBCLIPS is inspired by his recent book, Clinical Pediatric Surgery: A Case-Based Interactive Approach. In addition to Twitter, #CBCLIPS also appears and is archived on The Hendren Project.


The objectives of #CBCLIPS:

  • To learn or review a clinical concept relevant to pediatric surgery in just a few moments. Trainees and practitioners will find this fun and educational. In addition to pediatric surgeons, #CBCLIPS will be relevant to pediatricians, neonatalogists, and multiple pediatric subspecialists who work with pediatric surgical patients, as well as pediatric radiologists and pathologists.
  • To allow any medical professional affiliated with pediatric surgery—trainee or practicing surgeon—to learn or consolidate and glean an important clinical principle in just a few moments. #CBCLIPS will be useful to medical professionals who work in multidisciplinary teams with pediatric surgeons.

How #CBCLIPS Works

Approximately twice a month, Dr. Emil posts brief clinical scenarios on Twitter about a patient case. Participants discuss the scenario, make comments, and answer key questions regarding the major principles and takeaways covered in the scenario. The following week, Dr. Emil posts a brief video discussing the clinical scenario and the principle clinical concepts from the patient case.


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