Pop Up Lecture: Can We Offer Advanced Surgical Care to Children in Low- and Middle-Income Countries?

Professor & Chief Consultant Pediatric Surgeon National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria

Dr. Emmanuel Ameh is Professor of Pediatric Surgery and Chief Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at the National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria. His clinical research focuses on neonatal surgery and surgical infections, while his global health work focuses on global surgery and access to children’s surgical care in low resource settings. He led the creation of the National Surgical, Obstetrics, Anaesthesia and Nursing Plan for Nigeria, which is the first national surgical plan to include and prioritize children’s surgery. He is currently leading the implementation of the plan. He is involved in the development of educational and training programs for the West African College of Surgeons, Association of Pediatric Surgeons of Nigeria, and Pan African Pediatric Surgical Association. To support pediatric surgical training in Africa, he led the publishing of Pediatric Surgery: A Comprehensive Textbook For Africa (2nd ed. Springer, 2020). Dr. Ameh was a Commissioner for the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery and the Lancet Nigeria Commission. He is the immediate past Chair of the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery and current President of the Pan African Paediatric Surgical Association. Dr. Ameh has been a long-time advocate for scaling up and strengthening children’s surgical care in low- and middle-income countries. He continues to invest much of his time and effort to train the next generation of pediatric surgeons in Nigeria and Africa. His mission and passion continue to improve care for some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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