Bladder Neck

6½-Year-Old Female Patient Referred for Extensive Secondary Surgery of Her Cloacal Malformation (Hendren Patient Case)

  • 6½-year-old female patient was referred in 1976 for extensive secondary surgery of her cloacal malformation
  • Thirteen prior operations included:
    • Colostomy at birth
    • Bilateral loop ureterostomies
    • Attempted vaginal pullthrough
    • Opening of the urogenital sinus
    • Suprapubic cystostomy
    • Closure of the bladder neck

Infant Female Patient with Wide Urogenital Sinus Opening with Bladder Neck at Upper End, Double Diverging Vaginas, and Rectal Fistula Anterior to Vaginas (Hendren Patient Case)

  • Infant female referred in 1988 at 2 months after transverse colostomy elsewhere
  • Wide urogenital sinus opening with bladder neck at upper end, double diverging vaginas, and rectal fistula anterior to vaginas
  • A complex case that required unraveling the anatomy by radiology and cystoscopy to formulate a plan to reconstruct it