Female Patient

11-Month-Old Female Patient with Scabies and Imperforate Anus with Fistula Discovered During Hospitalization

Case Summary

  • Patient presents for evaluation. She is an 11-mo-old female patient from Panama. She had an out of hospital delivery. She has no surgical history. Mother is currently pregnant again. Patient is exclusively breast fed.
  • She had loose stool daily and her weight is 6.1 kg.

28-Year-Old Pregnant Female Patient with Abdominal Tumor on Fetus

  • 28-yr-old pregnant woman at 30 wk gestational age presents for evaluation because of prenatal ultrasound of fetus with concern for abdominal tumor.
  • Ultrasound was repeated 6 wk after the initial ultrasound. On repeat ultrasound at 36 wk, the mass is noted to be in the pelvis, posterior to the bladder identified to be hydrocolpos.
  • MRI was obtained to help identify the anatomy.

3-Year-Old Female Patient Admitted to ER with Fever and Vomiting

Case Summary

  • 3-year-old female patient, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Previously healthy
  • Admitted to E.R. with a 2-d history of fever and vomiting
  • Right Otitis Media diagnosed in another service, treated with azithromycin.
  • Developed with worsening of symptoms and bilateral convergent strabismus, more accentuated to the right