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The Hendren Project provides sponsor-supported digital resources that enable a global pediatric surgical and pediatric urological online community to better serve sick children with complex surgical problems. In the past 5 years, The Hendren Project has undergone a significant growth in its mission by the participation of more than 5,300 medical professionals from 138 countries. The core support of The Hendren Project comes primarily from individual donors and from family foundations whose family members received significant medical care from W. Hardy Hendren, M.D., during his long and successful career. But these families alone cannot fulfill the increasing interests of medical professionals worldwide who depend on The Hendren Project as a significant discussion forum for their most difficult cases.

The Hendren Project has been building a global network of participants, collaborators, and supporters to help us provide innovative webinars and an extensive patient-case content database in response to the need for strategic and effective treatment strategies for children with rare, but complex surgical conditions. We provide a platform for medical professionals to present their challenges to peers and to experts and receive important, high-quality case advice and information for treating patients.

The Hendren Project is supported in part by the W. H. Hendren Foundation for Pediatric Surgery and Urology Education, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. All gifts to the Foundation are fully tax-deductible.

Types of Gifts

All gifts are welcome. As a default, your gift will come in as “unrestricted gift” supporting the overall mission of the project. If you are interested in making a “restricted gift” for a certain area of the project, please contact The Hendren Project for more information.

Ways To Give

Donations to THP can be made by bank-to-bank transfer, appreciated securities and stocks, online, or by check. Submit the entire amount or pledge the remaining amount over any defined time period (monthly, biannually, yearly). Please contact The Hendren Project for more information.

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Gary Kearney, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Recognition of Gifts

Donors have the option to choose to have their gifts recognized on The Supporters of The Hendren Project web page or to choose to have their gifts remain anonymous.

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