Corporate Sponsorship

The Hendren Project (THP) mission is to provide sponsor-supported digital resources that enable a global pediatric surgical community to help one another better treat children with complex surgical issues.

THP provides a comprehensive set of web-based digital resources and tools in an innovative, centralized, online platform where pediatric surgeons and related medical caregivers worldwide can connect, collaborate, and share important medical information in a private online community. By sharing, connecting, and collaborating, medical professionals advance their understanding and teaching of strategies and techniques for treating children with general surgical and urological disease.

The THP community comprises more than 6,200 medical professionals from more than 149 countries. As its digital resources expand, so does the participation of a community seeking reliable, up-to-date information and strategies for treating complex pediatric medical conditions. THP depends upon the financial support of individual and corporate sponsors to maintain the digital resources for this unique community.

By supporting THP, corporate sponsors are recognized by a highly qualified professional community as being major supporters not only of the THP mission, but of pediatric surgical care in general. Corporate sponsorships typically range from a 1- to 5-year commitment that is customized to fit the desires of the sponsor. Contact us today for a corporate sponsorship proposal customized for you.