14-Month-Old Female Patient Referred for Cloacal Reconstruction (Hendren Patient Case)

Case Overview: 
  • 14-month-old female patient referred in 1993 for cloacal reconstruction
  • Duodenal atresia had been repaired at birth, and right transverse colostomy
  • There was massive reflux bilaterally
  • Bilateral reimplants had been done at age 3 months, but massive reflux persisted
Follow Up: 
  • Patient did well using catheterization for bladder emptying and saline enema washouts to manage the bowel
  • In 1992, at age 9 years, the bladder was augmented with ileum, giving it normal volume and better compliance
  • At puberty, menstruation began, indicating patency of the anastamosis of the left uterus with the colon vagina
  • In 2011, at age 19 years, patient was in good health and passed a sterile catheter 4-5 times daily and is dry
  • Colon is lavaged with saline every other day
  • She is continent, does not soil
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