2-Year-Old Female Patient with Unusual Variant of Cloacal Anatomy (Hendren Patient Case)

Case Overview: 
  • 2-year-old female patient with unusual variant of cloacal anatomy
  • Required only marsupialization of UG Sinus and relocation of the anus and rectum
Follow Up: 

In 2002, at age 23 years

  • Patient had a Mitrofanoff stoma in the navel for elf catheterization done elsewhere
  • She was obese (218 pounds)
  • Bladder was severely trabeculated and was also augmented with ileum

In 2011, at age 32 years

  • Urine was removed by self-catheterization via an umbilical Mitrofanoff stoma every 2 to 3 hours
  • Bowel control adequate unless diarrhea occurs. “Depends” used to prevent such an occurrence
  • She had two children, the first delivered per vagina, and the second by caesarean section because of hypertension
  • Patient considers her life to be a happy one.

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