4-Year-Old Female Patient with Right Colostomy at Birth (Hendren Patient Case)

Case Overview: 
  • 4-year-old girl sent from abroad in 1986
  • Right colostomy at birth
  • At age 4 months, posterior sagittal operation was attempted, but abandoned after the UGS was inadvertently transected
  • An S.P. tube was placed
  • 8 months later, colostomy was closed and a stricture of the neourethra was opened endoscopically
  • Patient was sullen, unhappy, and uncommunicative when first seen


Follow Up: 

At age 7 years

  • Patient was dry on self-catheterization, but unable to void
  • Vagina and openings were enlarged

At age 14 years

  • Elective endoscopy was performed
  • Bowel management by self-enema washouts
  • ACE procedure was declined

At age 19 years

  • In 2000, Z-plasties were done to anus and vagina
  • Large buttocks flap was later inserted into the originally small vagina to enlarge it

At age 30 years

  • Patient in good health, self-catheterizing, taking oral medication to stool

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