6-Year-Old Female Patient Referred for Urinary Undiversion from Ileal Loop (Hendren Patient Case)

Case Overview: 
  • 6-year-old female patient referred in 1977 for urinary undiversion from an ileal loop done at age 3½ years
  • Rectal pullthrough for closure had been done at age 9 months
  • Both uteri had been traversed; they were removed
  • Ureteral reimplants had also been done
Follow Up: 
  • At age 18 years, patient developed Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Renal transplantation was performed with mother's kidney at age 20 years
  • Second kidney transplant (cousin's kidney) in 1998
  • At age 42 years, patient continues to do well
  • Bowel control and urine control are satisfactory

Publications & Educational Resources
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