Gastroschisis Challenges North and South: Challenges in Mexico

Alejandro Penarrieta Daher, M.D.
Cristian Zalles Vidal, M.D.
Department of Pediatric Surgery, Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez, Mexico City, Mexico

Summary Slides: Challenges in Mexico


  • 32.1% mortality
  • Incidence: 4.01/10,000
  • Infections (70%) Line Sepsis, MV Pneumonia, SSIs
  • Prenatal Diagnosis (52%)
  • Pretransport management
    • Fluid overload
    • Gauze coverage
  • General anesthesia (limited OR availability)
  • Vascular Access issues

Future Changes

  • More aggresive feeding protocol
  • Diminished use of mechanical ventilation
    • Less opiods
    • No intubation for central lines
  • Infectious bundle?
  • Continued follow up of umbilical hernias

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