About Current Issues in Hirschsprung Disease

Next Course Date:

August 10 and 11, 2022

10 am ET US (UTC-4) / 9 am CT / 8 am MT / 7 am PT

Luis De La Torre, M.D., is the Editor and Moderator of the THP Webinar series Current Topics in Hirschsprung Disease, which presented in-depth discussions on important topics related to the accurate diagnosis and successful treatment of Hirschsprung Disease. Dr. De La Torre is Assistant Director, International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care at Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO., and serves as a co-moderator of the monthly International Colorectal Web Meetings, also hosted by The Hendren Project.

Future Webinar Topics

  • What is the best age for a primary pull-through?
  • How to be more accurate in diagnosing Hirschsprung Disease?
  • Which is more effective: Transanal approach endorectal (Soave) versus full thickness (Swenson procedure)?
  • The BIG difference in contrast enemas for diagnosing Hirschsprung Disease
  • Botox or no botox in Hirschsprung Disease treatment
  • Why are there so many Hirschsprung Disease patients with preventable complications?