Avoiding Complications in Pediatric Urology Robotic Surgery

Patricio Gargollo, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

This was presented on 18 July 2018 at the Minimally Invasive Surgery in Pediatrics Webinar on The Hendren Project. 

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Presentation Summary:

  • Complications, accept them and learn from them
  • If you don't run into complications, you are not operating
  • Presentation looks at positioning considerations, access, port placements and complications arising from these


  • No blind trocar placement
  • Do not make the tunnels too tight
  • Always consider: “What can I do to kill (or majorly F up) this patient?”
  • Beware of cautery
  • Communicate--especially with needle exchanges
  • Your “Assistant” can be your worst enemy
  • Simulate emergencies