Lost Needle and a Difficult Stent

Carlos Villanueva, M.D., Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Omaha, NE

This was presented on 18 July 2018 at the Minimally Invasive Surgery in Pediatrics Webinar on The Hendren Project. 

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Presentation Summary:

MIssing Needle

  • How not to spend 90 minutes searching for a lost needle
  • Prepare, research, be aware, give forethought

Difficult Stent During Infant Pyeloplasty

  • Tips for inserting stent
  • What to consider in developing a successful strategy


Missing Needle

  • Have a strategy
  • Don't look back and forth frantically randomly all over the place
  • Think outside the box...sometimes things fall up as well as down

Difficult Stent During Infant Pyeloplasty

  • The goal is to get a 3.7 FR stetnt inserted
  • 3 FR stents can be dangerous in this situation, because they only drain urine around them, but not through them
  • If you resort to a 3-FR stent, you will need a drain and a PERC ideally