Multidisciplinary Approaches to Vascular Anomalies: Patient Cases


Tufted Angioma of the Chest

Arteriovenous Malformations

"Tip of the Iceberg": Young Female Patient with Large Hemangioma Present Since Birth

"What a Pain": 6-Year-Old Female Patient with “Hemangioma Birthmark”

"Right on The Nose": Vascular Anomaly of the Nose and Glabella since Birth in a Male Patient

"Tip of the Iceberg": 3-Year-Old Female Patient Presenting with Lower-back Birthmark and Large Hemangioma

"Put Your Best Leg Forward": 2-Year-Old Female Patient with Left Leg Capillary Stain and Overgrowth Noted Since Birth

Chylous Effusion

Approach to Refractory Chylous Effusion


4-Month-Old Female Patient Referred with Pre- and Postnatal Diagnosis of "Lymphangioma"

Cystic Lymphatic Malformations

"Pain in the Neck": Term Infant with Right Face/Neck Vascular Malformation

"Pain in the Neck": Two-Year-Old with Chronic Refractory Right Face/Neck Mixed LM with Episodic Swelling

"Thorn in My Side": Infants Born with Chest Wall Masses

Fibro-adipose Vascular Anomaly (FAVA)

"Just Out of Arm's Reach": 14-Year-Old Male Patient with Acute Left Forearm Swelling

"At Arm's Length": 14-Year-Old Female Patient with Chronic Left Forearm Pain

"Up in Arms": 12-Year-Old Female with Blue Elbow Mass

23-Year-Old Female Patient Presents with Lower Extremity Hemi-hyertrophy, Lymphedema, and History of Left Femoral Avascular Necrosis

35-Year-Old Female Patient Presents with Purple Stain to Right Lateral Thigh

6-Year-Old Female Patient Presents with Right Lateral Leg Staining

LUMBAR Syndrome

3-week-old Female with Sacral Dimple and a Progressive “Diaper Rash” in the First Month of Life

1-month-old Female with an Ulcerated Infantile Hemangioma in the Diaper Area

3-week-old Female with an Ulcerated Infantile Hemangioma in the Diaper Area

Vascular Tumors

"What's the Red Spot?" 8-Month-Old Female Patient Presents with Left Upper Eyelid Mass Obstructing Vision

"Get Off My Back!" 28-Year-Old Female Patient Presents at 30 Weeks with Large, Dark Mass

"Bruised Baby!" Term Infant Transferrerd with Kaposiform Hemangioendotheliom

Venous Malformations

Focal Burden: 7-Year-Old Female Patient with "Hemangioma" Present Since Birth

Lip Lesion: 17-Year-Old Female Patient with History of Multiple Craniofacial Venous Malformations

Complex Lesion: 3-Month-Old Female Patient with "Hemangioma" Present Since Birth

Verrucous Hemangioma

5yo Female Born with Lesions on Right Foot

6yo Female with Large Right Lateral Thigh and Hip Lesion

What Is the Diagnosis?

12-Year Case Report of a Patient with Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome with Systemic Involvement


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