16-Month-Old Female Patient Referred for Cloacal Repair (Hendren Patient Case)

Case Overview: 
  • Patient referred in 1986 at age 16 months for cloacal repair
  • Colostomy and cutback of urogenital sinus to relieve hydrophrenosis previously done as neonate
  • Straightforward anatomy repairable using posterior sagittal exposure in prone position
Follow Up: 
  • Patient returned in 2001, at age 15 years, for an operation for malrotation with duodenal stenosis
  • In 2002, at age 16 years, patient received sigmoid resection elsewhere for constipation
  • In 2011, at age 27 years, the patient’s urine and bowel control, as well as sexual function, were normal

Journal Reference:
Repair of Cloacal Anomalies: Current Techniques


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