18-Month-Old Female Patient Referred with Total Urinary Incontinence (Hendren Patient Case)

Case Overview: 
  • 18-month-old female patient referred with total urinary incontinence
  • Prior colostomy at birth
  • Soave type rectal pullthrough at 1 year, and later colostomy closure.
Follow Up: 

In 1988, at age 9 years

  • Patient was found to have hypertension of 180/110
  • Workup disclosed severe stenosis of proximal segment of left renal artery
  • That was excised and an end-to-end anastamosis of the normal adjacent splenic artery established normal flow to her solitary kidney
  • Although her blood pressure became normal, she soon had a cerebral stroke, which resulted in Moyamoya disease treated in 1989 by right synangiosis and, in 1990, the same on the left cerebrum. 

In 2011, at age 30 years

  • Bowel control normal with help of enema washout every other day
  • Urine control normal, but wore one pad per day as a “safety measure.”
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