Questions in Hypospadias Treatment, Part 3: Hypospadias Complications and Re-do Surgical Strategies

Questions in Hypospadias Treatment, Part 3, focused on questions regarding hypospadias complications and re-do surgical strategies.

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The webinar was moderated by Mark Zaontz, M.D.; Chris Long, M.D.; and Antonio Macedo, M.D. 

The webinar discussed:

  • Technical considerations in re-do hypospadias surgery; and
  • Use of the Cecil technique in salvage hypospadias procedures

There were in-depth discussions of several challenging patient cases relevant to the questions raised in the introductory discussions. One of the participants asked about the PATIO procedure for urethrocutaneous fistula. This is an interesting procedure, but results in leaving the fistula tract as a flap inside the urethra. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments in the box at the bottom of the web page.

Here are two journal articles that describe the PATIO repair procedure.