Questions in Current Treatment of Hypospadias, Part 2

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On May 31, 2017 The Hendren Project sponsored Questions in Hypospadias Treatment, Part 2.

The webinar was moderated by Mark Zaontz, M.D.; Chris Long, M.D.; and Antonio Macedo, M.D., and focused on how best to correct severe and complex penile curvature.

Background material was presented on:

  • What is the most effective approach to penile curvature: Plication versus penile lengthening?
  • What is the best tissue/material to use for corporoplasty?
  • What to do for recurrent ventral curvature after a first-stage attempt to correct it?

This presentation was followed by challenging patient cases relevant to the questions raised in the presentations.

Watch the video for Questions in Hypospadias Treatment, Part 2

This THP Webinar was presented on 31 May 2018.