16-Month-Old Female Patient Prenatally Suspected of Having Ureterocele

Andrea Bischoff, M.D.
Assistant Director, International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care, Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO USA


  • Characteristic ultrasound findings of hydrocolpos include a cystic structure located posteriorly to the bladder often with layering of fluid. The fluid is usually mucous and urine.
  • Hydrocolpos is a common finding in patients with cloaca but also occurs in patients with urogenital sinus.
  • If the urogenital sinus is longer (3 cm and greater), the anus and rectum may need to be divided in order to perform the reconstruction.
  • Consent for laparotomy should always be obtained preoperatively just in case the surgery requires an abdominal approach.

Patient Case Discussion

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